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Moving forward to area-based groundwater management to support national water security and sustainable groundwater utilization by 2037.

  1. To initiate policies, laws, regulations, standards as well as, developing an integrated groundwater resources management plan in groundwater region and basin.
  2. To explore,assess,develop,conserve,restore and control groundwater resources, as development of groundwater information technology in order to enhance sustainable groundwater resources management by using a people participation approach.
  3. To develop groundwater resources organization,human resources and technologies, well as implementation of technology transfer to public and private sectors for integrated and sustainable groundwater resources management.

Groundwater Exploration and potential Assessment Roles

  • To carry out hydrogeological survey and geophysical survey.
  • TO assess groundwater potential for groundwater resources management.
  • To solve flood, drought and groundwater level decline problems.
  • To develop large groundwater sources by using advanced technology.
  • To prepare hydrogeological and groundwater maps.
  • To perform advanced geophysical survey by utilizing ATDEM (Airborne Advance Time-Domain Electromagnetic Survey) and geophysical database system.

Groundwater Development Roles

  • To propose a plan and development of groundwater use.
  • To carry out, research and develop groundwater development technology.
  • To develop standards, requirements criteria and handbook regarding groundwater development and management.
  • To implement a training course, transfer and publicize knowledge and techniques regarding groundwater development.
  • To support and provide technical advice in groundwater development.

Groundwater Conservation and Restoration Roles

  • To suggest measure of sustainability in groundwater management, conservation and restoration
  • To monitor groundwater level and quality.
  • To protect and find the solution to tackle with the groundwater crisis and its impacts on groundwater sources and other related environmental issues.
  • To examine groundwater quality for domestic use, consumption, agriculture and industry.


Groundwater Control and Management Roles

  • To control national groundwater resources usage.
  • To regulate, control and monitor groundwater activities according to the Groundwater Act.
  • To provide training courses for well drilling supervisors and well drillers in groundwater well construction and abandonment.
  • To register contractors and groundwater well drilling, as issuing a certificate of drilling supervisors for engineers and geologists.
  • To manage Groundwater development fund.


Supporting Roles

  • To administrate general administration affair, finance, supplies, personnel administration, and public relations.
  • To develop plans, projects, as well as performance evaluation and monitoring.
  • To improve database and information system of groundwater resources.
  • To develop public sector management, to audit the budget, finance and accounting operation, as well as undertaking the tasks concerning the Groundwater Act and related laws and regulations under the department’s responsibilities.
  • To develop groundwater for supporting in royal initiative projects.
  • To promote public participation in groundwater management.